Wednesday, April 13, 2011

middle of the middle

schwew. wednesday. i kind of live for when wednesday is over. usually, it's a fairly brutal day in my week.

not so bad today, so far. i feel like i have a bunch of blog topics, but my brain is too scattered to tackle them today.

let's go for nonsensical, shall we?

I got 'progressive' lenses yesterday. for some reason, losing the vision of your youth does not seem progressive to me, but whatever. i don't mind them. you have to literally point your nose at everything you want to see, in order to see it. no peripheral vision whatsoever.
well, who cares, i guess. i have always been a little narrowly focused anyway :)


the babies are growing quite nicely. it's hard to take a pic to show, but they are probably 3-4 inches high already. will probably be bearing fruit by the time i actually get the garden ready to plant. it's been slow going for me so far, gotta step away from the computer sometime soon.

sigh. at least we had a couple of sunny days to keep our cheer. yesterday i went for a walk, and it was heavenly. today, grey and windy and rain on the way. gotta remember that it's always sunny above the clouds, no matter what we see from down here.

happy wednesday!


carey said...

"it's always sunny above the clouds."


love you and your progressive eyeballs.

Karen said...

Progressive lenses sound dangerous.

Do they make progressive contact lenses? I'm a total clutz WITH peripheral vision...