Tuesday, April 26, 2011

need your advice

so i guess you guys know how much of a pet lover i am. so much so, that you probably don't want to take me to your local humane society for a fun visit. unless your idea of a fun visit is a sobbing graphic artist who cannot bear the thought of all those homeless creatures that God made, and thusly just stands in the corner losing it.

anywhoo, it stands to reason that i got that way by coming from a family who ALSO loves pets. pretty much everybody in my family is the same way as me.

except that my mom and dad don't have any pets right now. their hearts just broke too much after their last kitty passed away over a year ago. i was home sunday, and it just didn't feel right to be there without a kitty to love on.

i KNOW my mom would like a cat. but my dad is being curmudgeonly and saying no to more pets. i KNOW if i brought one home, they would be instantly okay with having one.

i KNOW that everything that you ever read about says do NOT surprise gift a pet.

i KNOW that igloo, elsa and cyrus (see above) think it's a good idea though. but, what do you think?

mother's day is just around the corner ;)


Rea said...


Oh, sorry, your question was?

I have no helpful answer, sorry.

ellen said...

That first kitty is absolutely adorable!

If you were asking about a dog, I'd hesitate, but cats are so easy to care for. As long as no one in your family is allergic and your dad doesn't have a strong reason for not getting one -- I say go for it!

If they really don't want it, you could have two! :)

bobbione8y said...

i think mostly, i just wanted to shop for cats today :)

no such luck as 'surprising' - i did call the humane society, and they will not adopt a pet as a gift. i guess i understand! might just have to buy mom some cat food and a litter box for MD and see if that entices her :)

KristieLou said...

Clara's cat had kittens on Thursday...there are 4 of them. She is looking for loving homes :)

carey said...

you could get a kitty and then just drop it off down the driveway or around the bushes and pretend it was a stray. i know your mom would take it right in.

i can't imagine a house without pets. especially my big orange cat.

go for it.

bobbione8y said...

oh crap, kristie, really? do you think she would let me bring it back if dad said 'no'?


bobbione8y said...

ps lou. can you ask how long they need to be with their mommy? is it 8 weeks? my mom's BIRTHDAY is on june 22nd, so maybe for then?

:) doh.

KristieLou said...

She has 3 black/white tuxedo kitties...and one orange (I kind of want the orange one...they are my fav). I will ask her when they will be 'ready' and I am sure she has a return policy, but I will double check :)

bobbione8y said...

:) oh boy. maybe i'll just tell mom it was homeless and i found it. that might seal the deal.

Karen said...

Before I read any words, I'm voting for number two!!!

Karen said...

Okay, I read your words (but no comments yet). I think you take elsa home to the 'rents, knowing that if your dad freaks she's destined to be Siesta's sister.