Monday, April 11, 2011

body imagery

whew. finally went shopping for clothing yesterday. this has become a very low priority for me in the last years, as wearing my 'home pants' is way more common than it used to be. however, there is a time for acting like you care, and God is telling me that it's right now.

i wouldn't say i've had serious body image issues in my life, but i did spend a good chunk of it thinking that if i were thin, i would be happy. that particular line of thought is interesting to me now, and i cannot believe that at least 15 years was wasted in it. i guess what i now know is that if you cannot be happy with yourself no matter what you happen to LOOK LIKE, then you won't have joy later when you look differently.

that being said, i believe God chooses for us to be stewards of many things, including our bodies. i have not done that so well the last few years, mostly choosing food as my comfort over the stresses of life. it doesn't help that i love food. but anything we love first, before God, is a problem.

so, i'm owning up to it. it's weird when your particular sin is what others can plainly see. however, i am not hoping to be skinny, i'm hoping to be healthy. so giving up worrying what others see is probably on my list as well.

in any case, whether you are a size 4 or a size 16, i would highly recommend Gap jeans. i actually sprung for 2 pairs at (nearly) full price, and even a thrifty girl like me thinks they are actually worth it.

yay! here's to being cute! especially on the inside!

ps. i have no grand sermon about the shoes. but the shoes are pretty good, too :)


Karen said...

Is this post for me?


Rea said...

Great post. :)

"if you cannot be happy with yourself no matter what you happen to LOOK LIKE, then you won't have joy later when you look differently." Love it.

And ditto on the Gap jeans. I snagged a pair of Gap Curvy at Y's Buys back in January...LOVE them!

(And I always think you look pretty and put together.)

bobbione8y said...

karen, this post is for everywoman. is she you?

rea, thank you for saying nice things, even though you have seen me unshowered/unkempt quite a few times :)

Rea said...

Well, I haven't noticed. Must be something in your smile. :)

Rani said...

yep, yeppers, and LOVE the shoes...:)

Karen said...

Perhaps a wee little bit. :-)

KristieLou said...

maybe i should re-read your post on wed when i have to wear the dress...maybe it will make me brave :)

p.s. the shoes are cute!

cherk said...

Ok, now this is a soapbox topic for me, cannot even begin to tell you how much! I could rant and rave for hours-ask my closest friends I am good at that:) I do love those shoes!!! I want some

bobbione8y said...

you guys are the bestest.

and Lou, you do not need brave to wear the dress! you look fab!!! i will be glad to be your encouragement reinforcer, however :)