Thursday, April 14, 2011

book club

i'm not 100% sure, but i am thinking that one thing almost all of my blog readers have in common is a love of books. i know this to be true of most of you, at any rate. i keep imagining that Heaven will have lots of cool books, and bunches of book clubs, where people find really meaningful things to talk about. there's probably really good coffee to go with the books, too :)

anywhoo, i got a book in the mail today that i am SO excited to read. it's about one of my all=time faves, laura ingalls. of course, it's a modern spin on the little house on the prairie life, so it will hopefully not be too weird. i think the concept is fantastic. i like the title, 'the wilder life.' that's a pretty good spin, too. seriously, i also like that the cover is turquoise. don't tell anybody that, though, it makes me seem superficial. ;)

then there is this one, which does not make me feel superficial. the boys in our church were doing this as a bible study not long ago. it struck me that it might be just as much for women. david platt is a pastor of a church in birmingham, al (oh, my beloved alabama!!) and has some fairly realistic ideas about how we christians in america have CREATED a jesus who looks like us, instead of the other way around. i have a feeling it will be an uncomfortable read, but still. as soon as i get it out of carey's trunk, i think it will be good.

then today in bible study, one of the women mentioned THIS book, because she knows the people. i had a spark of memory in my head from hearing about this before. it's about a homeless man, and how he impacts the lives of those around him. i just can tell from the cover that i will probably like this one.

so there we go! reading!!! with my new bifocals!!! what could be better than THAT on a grey and rainy day????


K~ said...

Hey Bobbi, You know I LOVE books. I tend to lean towards murder mysteries. i have to have humor. I like humor. not all the time, but most of the time. i am WAY WAY behind on my bible reading. I need to set aside "focus" time, but have a really hard time focusing lately. I want to read that wilder book. sounds interesting. Let me know what you think. K~

carey said...

oh, yummy! books are my kind of dessert. that last one looks good. i keep wanting to sneak read the one you left in my car...and you'll have to tell me if the first one is good. i like the "you try and then i'll buy" concept :)

ellen said...

"Radical" is gonna mess you up in the absolute best way possible! We're considering buying several copies to give to people in our church -- the message is so absolutely imperative for American Christ-followers! I can't wait for your book report.

I love the cover of "Wilder Life". I'm not ashamed to admit that I often judge a book by it's cover.

BTW, if I comment on some of your older posts, will you see it? I'd like to "catch up" here a bit, but thought I'd check on that first. I haven't been lazy -- I've been in the throes of "morning" sickness with Baby #3 (due in Dec)! :)

bobbione8y said...

Ellen!! what?!!!

congratulations my dear :)) i was not for a minute thinking you were lazy. i have missed you, though!

i did see that chuck's grandpa passed away - i am so sorry! i hope that chuck is doing okay.

i do not usually go back too far to read comments, but if you are going to comment, i will :))

ps. you make me want to read 'radical' all the more!

Karen said...

You're gonna LOVE "Same Kind of Different as Me." Can't wait to hear about the others.