Wednesday, January 12, 2011

things i've done today

- printed out two syllabi and accompanying materials for class tonite (yikes
- signed into online network for teaching and set up 'virtual' classroom (yikes)
- signed up for quickbooks online, and opened it (yikes)
- upgraded my email account to a business edition (yikes)
- signed up for web hosting and tried to write down all the various passwords associated with it (yikes)
- checked my legalzoom account and noticed that my paperwork is almost ready (yikes)
- created a pdf with working form fields (yikes)

since when did i become a rocket scientist? where's the creativity, people?!



KristieLou said...

you are a rocket scientist today!

oh and...creativity has gone out the window! someone needs to give it back :)

KristieLou said...

p.s. good luck at class tonight

cherk said...

I am becoming jealous of your rocket science skills. You are becoming a total technology guru! Are you starting a new class?

bobbione8y said...

i am not sure how this happened! i miss being a designer, however.

first night of class under my belt. schwew. cannot say i am overly thrilled, but it went okay :)

carey said...

i was asked yesterday to do a webex with someone so he could share his screen shots with me.

i asked him if we could just talk on the phone instead :)

there's no school like the old school.