Sunday, January 16, 2011

next big thing

one of the funnest (yes, i know it's not a word) part of fantasizing about the new iphone i'll be getting soon is figuring out what kind of covering to put on it.

there are a LOT of choices, from bright colors to woodgrain or leather-like options, or even a paul frank monkey. all of them look pretty fantastic from afar, actually :)

what to do, what to do!!!

i'll probably just get the cheapest, most easily accessible one, to be honest. but just thinking about it brings me a certain kind of pleasure.

ps. my pastor noted today that it seemed my blog was mostly concerned with aesthetic pleasure and comfort. not sure if this is the best day to be posting on iphone cases, but i guess it shows he is starting to know me better! ha.


Chris said...

Oh fun! I want too, but sadly I am still stuck in the past sort of. At least I know text!

KristieLou said...

i have the teal one in the top photo :)

the cases are quite possibly the most addicting part!

cherk said...

I don't even plan on getting an iphone but I want the cool cover. I love bright and shiny things!

Karen said...

I love those in the top pic!

I got a pink one for my Blackberry. Pink is always the answer in an all-boy household.