Sunday, January 09, 2011

the big chase

i was lazy this morning and slept waaaaaay in. when i entered the kitchen for my daily coffee routine, siesta was solidly perched, ears up, facing the stove and i knew that the day had finally arrived. i have a mouse in the house.

here's how it all started. last summer i had a mouse in the garage. he was cute and i did not have the desire to kill him, so i let him stay.

then, this fall/winter i have noticed siesta spending an inordinate amount of time in the basement. ears up, staring at the freezer. finally a couple of weeks ago, i bought one of those big boxy 'no kill' mousetraps, which actually should be labeled 'no trap' because it has not offered up any mice.

so, it was only a matter of time.

what ensued as i was grinding coffee beans was hilarious. i heard a loud scuffle in the living room. i see the little feet and long tail running across the wood floor. siesta was right on it, and trapped it in the corner.

soon, she had her prey between her two front paws and looked at me like 'what the heck do i do now?'

seconds go by, mouse is free and running again. this time she actually picked him up with her mouth, tail hanging out the side, and started prancing around. i could not have been prouder than if she had graduated from college.

as i ran to the front door, hoping that she would complete the deed by actually bringing her catch outside, i heard more scuffling, and alas, the little rascal is free again.

at this point, i think perhaps a bit of peanut butter and the death penalty might be in the best interest of all of us.


Karen said...

This reminds me of a show I watched with the boys where this dude spent two (show) hours and tons of money trying (building a pool, going to Alaska) to teach his bear how to fish like "real" bears.

For the record: I'm all for the death penalty when it comes to rodents in my kitchen (or in my cat's mouth. Yuck).

bobbione8y said...

well, 2 traps filled with peanut butter, and a long night of waiting and NO MOUSE. this morning siesta was sitting, ears up, in the BEDROOM.

yikes. i hope she learns how to fish like a real bear soon :)

Karen said...

So, um, maybe cheese? Don't mice like cheese?

bobbione8y said...

okay, mousie is gone. after watching siesta watch the corner in the bedroom all day, i sat the trap behind my dresser last night and went to take a bath. about 5 minutes later, i heard the 'snap.'

i really don't like killing things.