Monday, January 03, 2011

see ya FB!

so, i've gone a week without facebook now, and i am surprised how little i miss it. at first, i found myself automatically checking without even THINKING what i was doing. now, that's a bit scary.

after a couple of days, though, i seriously did not even think about it. for now, i'll leave my account up there, and check it once a week or so....unless that sucks me back in, then i will have to leave it for good.

so, if i usually see you over there, i will not miss you, because you are here ;) i was reading somewhere where someone pointed out that FB/twitter are just ways for people to tell other people how clever we are...making ourselves seem 'smart' or entertaining in a sound bite makes us feel good about ourselves... not sure that is totally ALL that FB is about, i have seen some people who seem to be using it for more important things, but alas, that little comment rung quite a bell with me.

the last thing i need in life is something that makes me think more about me and how clever i am :))

ha. so, hoping God fills my time with something more purposeful. i'll let you know how it goes!


carey said...

this is exactly how i feel about facebook. too impersonal, somehow. i'll just stick around here with you guys :)

Karen said...

Good girl. I've already wasted an embarrassing amount of time over there today.

On a really cool note (and in defense of FB) my family went and ate homemade tamales with the family of a dude I went to junior high with. He lives in Florida, but was here visiting his parents. They extended an invite to come over, and we had the BEST visit. So cool. It would not have happened without FB.

Also, I have been having deep God discussions via FB email with a girl I could not STAND in high school.

Truly, though, I need to keep it in its place.

bobbione8y said...

yep, i was not saying this was something all people should do - leave FB. but i do feel it was something I WAS TO DO. big difference.

i hope that you bless people thru your time on FB.

cherk said...

I won't miss you! I am hardly ever there, and love having you over here more!