Friday, January 07, 2011

another debacle

every once in awhile, graphic designers become famous. usually, it's for something bad that they have done. he he.

last year, it was the now infamous 'gap' logo that lasted about 3 days, when an outrage from the good public on facebook confirmed what we all knew, that it was UGLY.

yesterday, it was the starbucks in-house designers who made the news, when starbucks decided to go 'nike' on us, and delete the words, leaving only the stylized 'siren' as their brand. from what i can perceive, they did not change a single other element.

yikes. 783 news stories on this since yesterday!!! seriously, people, it's graphic design, not world hunger! i actually kind of think i would know where that cup came from without the words, but apparently not every one agrees!

what do you think?

ps. this was the funniest graphic that i saw yesterday. ha! very good thinking!


carey said...

you graphic designers keep deciding to leave words off of things and you'll put me out of a job. i'm all for words.

anne said...

i miss the boobies. and i loved the brown of the original.

I haven't read much about the redesign save for a couple posts. Because, in reality, I think it isn't that big of a deal. There are a bunch of people who have nothing more to do than try to recreate scenarios that were only good once. (Gap-debacle)

Carey, dear, if you take the words off the "logo" it makes anything else written ALL that much more important... leaving you with QUITE the job. ;)

bobbione8y said...

speaking of boobies, i guess the current logo cannot be used in the Middle east. they just use the crown floating on a sea of ... coffee.

perhaps we could just do that!

Karen said...

As a non-artist type, my only comment is this:

I'm on a month-long Sbucks fast, and the new design was enough to make me jones for the Evil Empire.

Rea said...

Mmmmm. Now I want coffee. That's my only contribution to this matter!

Karen said...

Bubba and I just spent 10 minutes feeding your fish...he wanted to see if they would get fat.