Thursday, January 13, 2011

people i love

i love talking about people i love, don't you? just for fun, i'm going to tell you about my friend Brad today. he's a person i love....although he is not a person that i told when i stole these pictures off his facebook page ;)

he he.


here is brad. he looks different than when i met him. that was maybe 15? years ago. he was probably about 20 years old and i was, ahem, OLDER than him ;)

he was my intern. i'm not sure he was specifically assigned to be MY intern. but i pretended that he was. there was just something about him, even back then.

this is his lovely wife, julie. julie didn't exist when i met brad. well, she existed, but neither brad nor i knew it. for much of the time that i have known brad, he didn't know julie existed, but he really really WANTED her to magically appear. and then one day, she did!! i'm glad we both found out she is real. i'm especially glad for brad, cause now he and julie have 2 lovely kids and a life in minnesota. that makes me happy.

this is the reason that i am blogging about and thinking about brad/julie today. it's because they are in india for the month of january for brad's job at the great big red target company! he's an information architect now, which is quite a leap from 'bobbi's intern' actually.

it's also why i'm proud of him. and why i wanted to post and tell everybody i love him! ps. he doesn't know i have a blog, so this is just between us ;)

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cherk said...

Meeting people that you just "connect" with is the best feeling ever!