Tuesday, January 04, 2011

new neighbors

one of the best parts about feeding birds is that you start to see all kinds of little creatures that you never noticed before. for the past week or so, i've seen a couple of little guys who look sort of like that photo....

the interesting part is then figuring out what you are looking at. there is a website that has been helping me out quite a bit because it specifies birds that live in SD....the list is pretty big, but there are good photos of each kind of bird found here.

it's part detective work, and part entertainment for me. i knew these little birds by my sunflower seed feeder looked mostly like sparrows, but had a beautiful mauvey-rose colored breast. not bright red, but kind of pinkish. they match my kitchen perfectly :)

i am prettty sure, after digging last night, that i have common house finches, which sometimes have red breasts. yay! they are sweet, shy little birds, and i hope they stay awhile because they are so pretty.


carey said...

i love that you are the bird lady in the winter. i bet the birds love it too! :)

Karen said...

I bet the name God has for them does not include the word "common!" They're beautiful!

Happy birdwatching. :-)

Rea said...

Reminds me that we haven't put out our feeder yet. I love seeing who comes to visit it, although I know we don't get nearly as many as you out here in the suburb of no trees.