Monday, January 31, 2011

sigh. a snowy monday. it's actually kind of pretty out there. but the screensaver says it all, i guess.

i'm hoping this week will go quickly, as i have several unpleasant tasks to accomplish by week's end... seriously, i am so ready for something fun! last week, in a fit of selfishness, i ordered a 'stir crazy' from amazon. i am not saying that it's a great solution to winter (and certainly 'fun' is not a permanent solution to anything), but i have to admit, it is a pretty snazzy little kitchen gadget to have. word on the street has been that these are great 'go to' gift items, and i would have to concur.

as you can see however, i chose to gift myself at this particular time ;)) in case you wonder, only 1 T. of oil makes a whole batch of corn. must be more healthy than that chemically induced stuff that comes in the bag, no?

happy monday!


Karen said...

Mmmmmmm. I'm going a little stir crazy myself.

Here's to an unexpectedly wonderful week, with a load that seems lighten than it should!

Rea said...

We love our Stir Crazy. Even with butter it is better than the chemicals that come in the bags!

Plus, you can make your own Kettle Corn by adding some sugar before you pop it.

Or you can make cinnamon popcorn by tossing in some red hots (cinnamon imperials), they melt and coat as it pops and it still cleans up fairly easily with hot water.

Yes, endless possibilities!

Now, I'm thinking the only thing that would make my day better is a warm, purring cat curled up by my computer.

Karen said...

You had me at Kettle Corn.