Friday, January 28, 2011

3 day weekend

i decided to give myself a 3-day weekend starting right now. actually, i don't have a ton to do, except for class prep for monday. i swear, i need to get out of the house today, and i am happy to see the sun peeking out.

plans include:
• hanging with Jesus
• hanging with His friend kristie, possibly (involves her leaving her house, also)...
• making shortbread
• making valentines
• making up my seed order

i've been anxiously waiting for this post for almost a month. i think the first seed catalogue rolled in the day after christmas. i have saved them, not looked at any of them except for a quick peruse.

the all-time best seed catalogue comes from baker creek. it's huge/oversized and the photos are phenom. they do only heirloom seeds, and they don't endeavor to only pick the 'heroes' for their photo shoots. although, they do shoot some weird specimens. can't you almost taste these pics?

they also make you want to try things you've never grown before.

sigh. big sigh of relief. this weekend, we get to kick january to the curb. that means only 2 short months until this frozen tundra goes away. i plan to use the time wisely, and live each day as fully as possible. but a little section of my brain is going to be reserved for THEN.

happy friday!


carey said...

your days off are so very different than mine :) but i am thinking of a small garden this year so i can grow my own pico de gallo.

anne said...

bob... will you bring all those catalogs over to my house today... and we will spread them on the living room floor in front of the fire and drool!! (you can bring kl too!)

anne said...

drool. dr oo l
really it is as if i have NEVER seen those letters together in that formation. that cannot possibly be correct. what an ODD word.

bobbione8y said...

carey. funny how pico de gallo is your claim to fame ;))

i will give you some of my seedlings!!

anne. seriously. that baker creek catalogue is DROOL-worthy. you need to see it.

Rea said...

I just placed my order from Baker Creek yesterday. I do not have a catalog though. Maybe next year they will send me one...

(And I may have gone a little nuts with the tomato varieties...)

bobbione8y said...

Loretta! i need to know what you ordered...will talk to you on sunday ;)

Chris said...

I want to plant tomatoes in pots this year. When do I need to get started?

Chris said...

Oh, and happy weekend to you too!:)

cherk said...

I hope your 3 day weekend is going just as you planned.