Friday, June 01, 2012

ctrl + z

well, today is friday.

today does not FEEL like friday, based on the number of items i need to accomplish by day's end. i swear. i am not made for a 5 day work week anymore, esp. when compressed into 4 days. not. fun.

it made me feel better last weekend in MN when my friend rick asked 'are you just insanely tired ALL the time, no matter what you are doing?'

he he. just wait til you're'll get it. i thought it was my lack of exercise (not diet, which changing completely did not change at all). he exercises, and thought it was his lack of a good diet! surprise! you just get old. nothing you can do.

which brings me to ctrl + z. anne mentioned it in an email yesterday, and i started to think about how much i LOVE that command. ps. if you are not a computer nerd, here's the meaning.

'undo.' - sometimes i just call it 'go back.'

go here to buy it - cute.

when i am working on my computer, i actually SAY 'go back' to myself in my head when i need to do it. i guess we all do, because anne was mentioning the same thing. i am programmed by now to do all sorts of key commands in my head for things that you cannot key command. how's THAT for a misuse of brain cells?

at any rate, i started to think about how as i get older there are so many things i wish i could 'go back' to.

like these -

1) working an 8 hour day, and not having 27 emails of continuous conversation waiting for you when you go back to work the next day.

2) going to the store and not having most of the rest of the world around you talking and texting and not realizing that actual PEOPLE are standing right there in front of them.

3) being in a political party, and not being an a**hole to all the people in  the other political parties that you are not in.

4) having one or two types of soda/bread/ice cream/anything really to choose from when you buy groceries, thereby making the choices much simpler.

5) summer vacation. i really seriously never ever got over losing my summer vacation when i 'grew up' - what kind of a dirty trick was THAT all about?

sigh. i could go on. i realize that without the changing times i would not have:

1) my iphone.

2) access to any kind of product in the world thru

3) a digital thermostat in my house so that i can easily monitor the furnace in june in SD.

4) a relationship with God that i would not trade for anything.

5) my house, my friends, my increasing amounts of what i suppose you'd call wisdom.

i'm sure there are more things i would miss. but honestly, more and more and more and more, i really do wish ctrl + z worked on my whole entire life.

happy friday :)

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