Thursday, May 31, 2012

let there be light.

i've had this craft in my back pocket for a couple of years now, but lately they are springing up everywhere on pinterest, so i finally followed through and made some.

one of these days i'll remember to shoot a 'process' of how to do things, but not today. oh. and it's been raining. so the crafts are kinda moist. still. they are pretty.

here's what you do. go try to find CHEAP small solar lights for the yard. of course i went to walmart. $2.47 each. i think they were $2 last year, though. i got the dark brown ones.

then, take a cool old canning jar - or a new one - and spray paint the metal 'screw' lid to match your light. disassemble the light fixture - it easily unscrews from the base...and hot glue the screw lid to the bottom of the light.

then, you just have to screw the jar lid onto the jar! wha-la!

some people hot glue and seal the whole thing so that water will not leak in...i just open mine up and dump the water far, so good.

however, i gave 2 to kirst as a gift, and only 1 was working. not sure if the moisture did it, or if the walmart lights are just kind of crappy.

anyway, i have 3 of them in varying sizes lighting up the patio now. they are really very pretty! you can also attach wire to the tops and hang them from trees, my original plan. however, i'm pretty sure they would not catch enough sunlight to light up if they were hanging in a tree. so mine are out in direct sunlight during the day.

i love the rain - almost 5 inches in May so far - but wow. i really hope the sun comes out today.

happy whateverdayitis!


Karen said...

I picked up some pretty blue mason jars when we bought the door...

I actually own a glue gun, can you believe that?

I REFUSE to go to WalMart. I hate that place. Maybe the WH will find them during his weekly trip to Lowe's.

bobbione8y said...

oh, don't use hot glue. use some kind of heavy duty glue for outdoors.

doh. i guess it was more complicated than i thought.

ps. i will not give you my walmart rant, because it's friday and i would prefer to not rant :)

and you could always use the jars for pretty pantry items, if you would prefer to skip BOTH walmart and hot glue.