Wednesday, May 16, 2012

gourd grief!

he he. gotta love my headlines lately. i seriously need a copywriter :)

okay. so, the little 'nest' here at fern is slowly taking shape. i find that in the middle of the weedfest, and the unmowed lawn, and the vast areas of ugly, i am making little corners of happiness.

last night, i started a little teeny garden behind the shed. i was visiting my old neighbor yesterday, and he gave me two tiny tomato plants, the inspiration. i'll take photos in a bit for you, but it was so fun to make a little area to garden! i even tried to bunny-proof it, ha. this morning two bunnies were practically sitting on my front step! whatevah. they seem nice...:)

okay. so on to gourds. i have had a long-held fascination with gourds. of course, i should just grow some of the durn things.

but last night, as i was eagerly perusing my latest 'this old house' magazine, i found a website.

wow. what a cute cottage business! those amish have got it going ON! he he. i have visions of a little hanging gourd paradise under my big ole evergreen. perhaps i will find the woodburning tool i have hidden somewhere in my craft mess, and try my hand at some decoration as well.

for today, i will tuck this dream away for a later time. happy day!

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carey said...

yum. plant more tomatoes. i'll be over in a couple months to harvest!