Friday, May 04, 2012

a rocking adventure

Bert and I decided to go on a mini adventure yesterday, anne came along for moral support and possibly because she has muscles.

Up and over the weigh scale.
Ah. here we are...the land of milk, honey, and ROCKS.

They don't look like much here, frankly. The important thing is to not be afraid :)

Before we got outta there with my new little stash, we had to of course look around. It was not difficult to find other things to covet. I especially found the rock of my dreams. Seriously people, it had PLANTS in it!! Growing!!! Blooming!!! Oh, to know the story of where these lovelies once lived...

i really, really really wanted to take this one home! if i knew a person with a bobcat, perhaps i would have :)

It's always good to take a photographer on your rock-hunting adventures.

, my work was cut out for me when I got home. luckily, it was a pretty easy task.

it's not 'there' yet, but getting closer. today, i'm going 'hunting' for a whiskey barrel. I think that it will help round out the old school landscaping. oh, and maybe a bird bath. and a couple pots. and more plants. and of course, MULCH. doh.

all of THAT, simply for THIS....but so worth it.

happy friday y'all!


carey said...

it looks fabulous. i love that place! do you think jamie could lift that big rock for you? can't tell from much does it weigh do ya think?

bobbione8y said...

oh carey, would LOVE if jamie could lift it...but he would need heavy equipment to do it. not sure it's feasible.

i might need to think about asking over there how to get er home ;) LOVE her.

bobbione8y said...

oh ps. we ended up going to a different place!

Rea said...

I want the pretty rock next to the pretty rock you are touching.

anne said...

Loretta... only $500/ton!

For a rock.


bobbione8y said... which actually DO weigh a ton. or more.

sigh. :)