Monday, May 28, 2012

a time of rest

sigh. monday holidays are good, aren't they? i'm working a bit today so that tomorrow is not so stressful, but still. i am feeling relaxed and refreshed. getting out of town does that for you.

if you click in, take a look at the little snake on the table trying to get out of the cage. part of the reason they make me nervous!

quite the entertainment for little boys!

 it's always good to see kirsten. admittedly, this time i was a little nervous because she has a new family member since i was there before. medusa is a LARGE snake. to top it off, she also had a speaking engagement at an 8-year old's birthday party. FEATURING said snake.

yes, folks, i rode in a car with a snake. i cannot say i did it comfortably, but really it was fun after it was over :)) he he.

kirst is amazing. the kids LOVED her presentation. she has quite a knack for teaching, which pairs well with her passion for animals of all kinds. i am so excited to see what the next life phase brings - i am pretty sure it will be more education opportunities. i'm proud of her :)

meet perdi, she is a cutie....

2 bearded dragons giving kirst THE STARE.

naturally, i got to see the animals at home, too. funny how there are 3 kids, a husband, a cat and a dog in their household, and i only took pics of the lizards (for the record, i interacted with the others as well). i guess it's because it's so obvious that they love her. perdi (front reptile in bottom pic) was a 'rescue' that did not have use of her back legs - so neat to see her thriving because of the physical therapy kirsten does on her. yes, you read that right.

anyway. i had such fun!!! thanks kirsten for always being there for me, and for being the dear friend that you are. i'm a pretty lucky girl.


Karen said...

Wow! How cool is Kirsten? For some odd reason, I have no fear of snakes. I could totally hang out with Kirst. :-)

Happy Memorial Day!

bobbione8y said...

well, a healthy fear of snakes is a good thing, girl. they can eat you whole, you know :)

Karen said...

I was just nearly undone by a two-inch mouse, so I guess I've been put in my place. The funny thing is, I can totally handle snakes. I can even handle mice in my basement. But upstairs, anywhere near the kitchen? I shudder.

Also, I do my best to avoid the whole-person eaters. Can't imagine willingly letting one of those bad boys wrap himself 'round my neck.