Thursday, May 03, 2012


ah. thursday! i love thursday. it's like friday to me, only not quite. my 'summer hours' of 7-3 have now been pretty firmly established. with time for snack breaks and garden gazing, natch.

 i'm finally starting to remember why i fell in love with this street last summer. i still kind of miss the giant tree that fell down in the winter, but overall, things are leafy. i like leafy.

hopefully, soon (the weekend, maybe?) i'll get the front yard planting done. i am waiting on the landscaper to pull one last bush that did not make the cut, and a trip for some flagstone edging. for now, i have a little 'stash' of goodies that i am hoarding to plant around the tree. need. to. stop. buying. plants. ha. not sure that will happen anytime soon.

i am a bit distressed to see that one of my ash trees is distressed, and dropping leaves all over my driveway. dangit! just when you think things are well, somebody gets sick around here ;)

happy thursday, peeps. we're gettin' this week DONE!

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carey said...

i am coming to see all this leafy for myself on saturday. get to planting. :)