Wednesday, May 30, 2012


i've been meaning to post about trader joe's for awhile now!

i got to visit my first one with lou in des moines last

then, kirst and i stopped in the one DOWN THE BLOCK from her house in st. paul. that would be dangerous for me....luckily, not for her.

i love almost everything about the store.

i especially love the SUPER nice staff! other companies need to figure out how to have friendly staff people!!! i had a nice chat with the check-out boy about south dakotans, and how we all flock to minnesota for vacation :)


lots of things to love. so far some of my favorites:

• roasted red pepper soup in a box
• chunky peanut butter
• whipped honey
• good, rich coffee (cheaper/better than anywhere else i have found)
• chocolate - pretty much all of it :)

i'm sure there is more. next time, i'm bringing a cooler along so that i can get some cold stuff. c'mon trader joe's, come to SF!!! we would treat you right!


Karen said...

TWO trips without my input? Alright girl, start saving your pennies for the next one.

Also, puh-lease tell me you got the TJ's Italian Roast whole bean coffee!

bobbione8y said...

oh boy. i'll take a list next time!

ps. no italian, but sumatran. almost the same, right?

Karen said...

Almost, but next time try the Italian Roast.

Karen said...

I just went today and am mourning the fact that I forgot the NUMBER ONE item on my TJ's Top Ten list...Three Layer Hummus. Glorious, I tell you, glorious.