Thursday, May 10, 2012

my love affair with bunnies

cute 'mini' hosta from my mom's house...which came from mabel originally....which came from a lady's TRUNK where she was giving them away originally.

um, what is left of cute 'mini' hosta after somebunny had a salad in the middle of the night. probably going to end like all of my other love affairs.

why do i always end up with bad relationships?! do you think there is any hope for us?



Rea said...

Bunnies are fluffy little demons in disguise.

I have tried to distract mine by seeding my neighbors yard with lettuce. I'm not sure it is working, my peas are either not growing or are getting gnawed off as soon as they poke out of the ground.

anne said...

Fluffy little demons.




(Or find a different place to live.)

Sorry bunnies!

bobbione8y said...

fluffy little demons...i always fall for the bad ones ;)

Ellen said...

Although Chuck and I are peace-loving people, we've declared war on bunnies. Violence is the only language they understand!


cherk said...

hmmmm not alot of bunnies around here since something bigger and furrier than them roams the yard. You need a Luna May to protect your plants.

cherk said...

I am estatic, to posts in a row!

bobbione8y said...

cher - so glad you are back...!

ha. i am thinking the bunnies are going to have to get a LOT meaner before i consider getting a dog. i'm afraid of dogs!!!! poop and barking and hair and stuff!

unless they are good ones like luna or crosby or sydney. esp. sydney :)

overcaffeinatedkatie said...

Does Siesta still have her claws? My 17-year old cat has ruined every piece of furniture we own ... but he did kill three baby bunnies in our backyard a few weeks ago ... I know because caught him over one of the bodies. The kids were very upset but my hostas look great!

bobbione8y said...

katie! gasp! what are you suggesting?

hmmmm. i wonder if she could 'accidentally' slip outside for a bit tonite....

he he.