Monday, May 14, 2012

glorious new day

happy monday!

i hope all of you moms enjoyed your weekend as much as i did!

one of the highlights of my YEAR is going flower shopping with my mom on mother's day...this year, we actually chose saturday for 'our day' to get in even more hours at the greenhouses :)

we hit pretty much all of the greenhouses within a perimeter of brookings, but one of our faves this year was 'norms' in aurora. it is always bittersweet for me to go to aurora, because it's where my grandparents lived, and where i spent time as a child while my mom worked at woolworths in 'town.'

we drove around and both of us cried a little. but, it is good to visit and remember.

norms was un-be-freaking-lievable.

um, how much is this room?
much of the 'stuff' is unmarked...staff is knowledgeable, but you have to catch em ;)
half botanic garden, half greenhouse. good luck figuring out which is which :)    

we wandered around for almost 2 hours. i had a list, but practically forgot to look at it! i did find my weird daylillies that i was after, on clearance. i also found an old co-worker from sdsu, it was fun chatting with her after all these years.

then, we were off to medary acres, another fine place to indulge our weaknesses.

i did not need many more annuals, but i did find a couple goodies for my front door planters. since i killed off all of my succelents by burning them to death this spring, i had to find a couple of replacements :)

yesterday was grand. i was able to finish off the front yard gardens, except for mulch which should get placed this week.

even though these new gardens don't do much for me visually (yet), i have to remind myself that just a few short months ago, things looked like THIS.

thank you Lord, for new beginnings, for sun, for your Love, and for the promise of a wonderful week!

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carey said...

it was a beautiful weekend, i am glad you enjoyed it as much as i did. it's looking great over there...looks like we better get to work :)