Tuesday, June 26, 2012

how you doin'?

whew. tuesday hello.

i cannot believe how quickly these weeks are going by. most mondays are a complete blur for me; yesterday i worked late into the evening because i worked ALL DAY LONG on something that was due today, but did not realize it was the wrong thing until the client pointed it out when he saw it. sheesh. my brain really is NOT what it used to be.

on a good note, the client is a Christian friend. he prays for my well-being. THAT is not something that makes a bad day worse :) ha!

so, let's talk about the part of my brain that is not taxed. going out to 'be' in my natural surroundings is my energy drink. every day. i thank God for it, even when sometimes it actually starts to feel like work.

notice the photo above, which ALMOST felt like work :) ha ha. seriously. I littered the town this weekend! but if you have not thought of newspaper as a ground cover before mulch, you should. it's fabulous to work with, and will disintegrate in a year or so. just enough time to kill off the weeds, i hope.

it's always better to take the 'after' shot with a funky filter. that way, you cannot see that the plants are tiny and not really all that dramatic. but, i'm starting to add in the pretty details, which have been in the storage shed up to now. they make me happy.

the new little plantlings make me happy, too. i am still in amazement over the diversity of the creation of God. He makes a lot of good stuff!

He also has inspired a couple of new thoughts in my head about creating. i just touched on one of the projects this weekend, it still needs some refinement, but oh how happy i am to be in 'pretty project' mode again!

how 'bout you? whatcha making that makes you happy these days?


Rea said...

Make? Ha! I am just going to move in with you where everything is already pretty.

I am slowly making my office pretty, I guess that counts. Walls painted, pretty switch plate (even if it is a $2 fake of the $18 one I loved). Now I need to order fabric for the curtains.

Rani Gordon said...

I am reading my friend's blog, THAT makes me happy!

bobbione8y said...

whoa, rea - things over here only get STARTED, never finished. i only photograph small portions...keeps the lie going :)

i'm happy for your office! i meant to tell you that i decoupaged some switch plates in my old house with fabric and mod podge. it worked fairly well :)

bobbione8y said...

ps - hi rani :)

Rea said...

I was going to do some sort of decoupage. Then I found clear switch plates that are made to hold wallpaper inside them! And then I found pretty pink and white scrapbook paper to stick in it. Much less messy than the mess I would make trying to decoupage something.