Monday, June 18, 2012


i can tell when summer solstice is about to hit, mostly based on my mood. it's hard to beat that summertime vibe in full swing, things like:

97 degree days, which are perfect now that the a/c has kicked in :)

avoidance of as much work as possible

time spent in 'the chair'

summer blooms all around

 'beer season' and 'grilling season'

listening around for the sounds of the rocks crying out with P R A I S E


happy solstice week! enjoy the longer days until wednesday :)


carey said...

oh, your pot is so not fair. my stuff is already withered up and dying, thanks to the heat you so fondly speak of. looks great in your neck of the woods, though!

Karen said...

Crud. I kind of managed to forget that the days start getting shorter tomorrow. Bummer.