Wednesday, June 13, 2012

red rosies

i have a lot of swimming going on in my head this week. first off, since we are in the middle of our first outreach kids' camp at church, my thoughts are all over the board about sharing the love of Jesus. i'll save my recap for when it's over (2 more nights to go)....

obviously i need a plant for that pot yet.

water lettuce. it came with some teeny tiny duckweed attached.

birdie watching over the pond.

i also spent a bit of time yesterday working some more on my little water pond. i am mostly 'winging it' from watching kirsten's gardens over the years. i don't have a pump or anything, but i knew from the beginning that i did want some fish.

3 of the 4 little rosies roaming in their new space.

carey has warned me not get too 'attached' - pshaw. not a problem for a cold-hearted creature like me! he he. my head said something to me like this when i awoke this morning....

oh my gosh! it's raining! i hope the fish did not flow over the edge.

i wonder if the fish have enough to eat in there?

do they seem cold? i wonder if birds eat fish at night?

so far they seem kind of happy.

and so it goes :)

anyway - the guy at walmart who sold me the fish said 'they probably won't last outside' so my expectations should be low. but upon doing some googling last night, i found that rosy minnows are one of the most hardy pond fish that you can get. take THAT, walmart fish man!

the little nook in the corner makes me happy.

finally, i have gotten to the point of enjoyment of my landscaping projects. getting over all of the 'big picture' madness and starting to concentrate on smaller areas is much more my style. i'm sure that the little spot show above is one that you'll be seeing more of in the coming years as it evolves into what it's meant to be.

for today, i am going to enjoy the journey :)

happy wednesday!


Rea said...

Oh, what a pretty spot!

I would probably think all the same things about the fish.

carey said...

i can't believe you put those fish so far away from your house. you have to walk all the way over there to check on them 150 times a day? he he. i am glad they are survivors. NOW you can name them.

cherk said...

I think fish are about the ONLY animal I don't get attached to. I love your little nook, and the advice of working on small pieces at a time I SO need to do that. (As I sit here taking a break after only 15 minutes of yard work)

cherk said...

Love the chair-love the pot next to it even better. Your pics are exactly why I post pics about everything BUT my yard!

cherk said...

The comment above was for the post BELOW, since was the only post of the last four I could post on. I WILL PERSEVERE

bobbione8y said...

oh thanks guys - cher, thank you for persevering!!! i don't know why blogger is broken for you!

i saw a little tiny carcass down on the bottom of the pond this morning ;( but i have at least 2 of the 4 still swimmin' - going to get a half dozen MORE this weekend. one must learn to have only the briefest moment of sadness with fish before moving on. i learned that lesson in childhood, as we had aquariums through all of my growing up years :)