Friday, June 08, 2012

lounging in style

happy friday, folks!

whatcha got planned?

i'll be walking some neighborhoods inviting kids to a Jesus camp next week, then probably back to the yard, tending and such.

don't look at my grass. the moles (remember them? :)) have killed just a tiny little bit of it. no biggy.

but take a look at my new lounger-ific lounger! i totally remember these from the 70s - as i very well must show, because i got asked if i wanted the 'senior' discount at shopko this week! ouch!

anyway! it's all snazzy redwood strips and aluminum. i think maybe we had a chair like this, but the loungers were spendy. that's why our loungers had green plastic woven strips, NOT redwood.

but you know me, i live the high life. so when i saw it, i thought 'heck yeah!'

i even threw some stain on it when i got it home, just to perk up the redwood, which is seriously like brand new.

i cannot get it to switch positions, though. the position switcher is broken, i think. luckily for me, the position shown is PERFECTO. set me in the sun, give me some iced tea and my kindle, and whoa. good to go.

best part? $5 for the whole caboodle. from where i'm sitting, that is going to be a bonus for my summer :)

happy day!


K~ said...

Ok, I have a million things to say. First! $5... That's amazing! It looks beautiful! Second, Why are you up already?? Third, posting with photos, pretty impressive. I have had a problem with photos, Sigh. Four, I want to go where ever you went to look for a new chair for outside. I hope you don't mind me spending the day sitting in chairs checking them out :) Fifth, looking forward to seeing you in a month. And one million, Hope your camp goes well. I know it will. Have fun with it! K~

Ellen said...


About those moles. The other day, I was telling Chuck about your baby mole and how you were very kind to it but admitted that you might have to deal with the moles someday. (Chuck's dad has a long-standing feud with moles, so I knew he'd have some thoughts.) Anyway, Chuck said, "Tell her to get some grub killer and put it on her lawn. If you get rid of the moles' food source, they'll find another place to live."

Maybe you don't need to eliminate the moles but just relocate them?!? It's a thought. Happy weekend!

bobbione8y said...

kirst - only thing better would have been TWO sun loungers! no worries - i have shade adirondacks also :) let's go chair shopping when you come - maybe i can even swing us a senior discount! he he.

ellen - grubs! brilliant! i saw a fattish gross worm when i was weeding this week - maybe i have grubs!!

:)) never knew that would be a pleasing thing!