Thursday, June 07, 2012

pretty thursday

okay. semi-favorite day on board! might be a good day to look at some close-ups of the garden.

my focus the last couple of weeks has been on planting pots and annuals, because frankly, the main landscaping has been kind of disappointing.

lots of reasons why - mostly the sheer size of the areas I'm working with. I have not been able to do all of the things I want to all of the spaces I have. finally, i've thrown in the towel.

so, like a little grandma who is jonesing for color, i'm settling for cramming as much interest into my 12' x 12' patio area as I can. it's kind of crazy looking, not at all what i would do in my pie-in-the-sky vision. but every morning, i smile when i see these little lovelies. they serve their purpose.

by the way, if anyone wants to come help with weeding, just call, text or email me ;)

ha. it is seriously overwhelming. i actually have done a lot of work on it since that horrific photo was taken on monday or tuesday. now, it's more like dirt with little polka dots of stuff scattered around. at least the bunnies have not eaten THESE particular polka dots :)

sigh. all in all, a good day/week/year/life. i'm grateful for the whole nine yards :)

hope you are grateful, too. see ya friday!


cherk said...

I have yet to have a single piece of color around my house. I am sooooo behind with any flower planting this year! I hope it isn't to late, next week is the soonest time I can get to the greenhouse!

carey said...

oh, wow. i can't believe i haven't read your blog in a WEEK. i need to slow back down. actually, you need to come visit me so we can talk in person. :) love your yard, your blog, your funny self.