Thursday, June 21, 2012


well, i finally tried to take a shot of the bunnies yesterday. probably not the best day for it, because it was kinda dark and cloudy. however, i would say the iphone is probably not made for taking shots of bunnies even on sunny days.

so, with that long apology for the bad shot, meet threebie.

yes. she has a name.

even though it has been brought to my attention that mutant bunnies DO exist and threaten, i'm pretty sure threebie is harmless. you cannot tell from the picture, but she SORT OF has three ears. of this statement, i have doubted myself several times. but no. she has three ears, the third one being much smaller and in-between the other two.

she likes me. she lives under my pine tree in the front yard (well, HER pine tree) and comes out only to decimate my plants whenever the urge strikes.

lately, she is mostly eating weeds, for which i am grateful

threebie has a baby, named, naturally - freebie. just when i thought i had never seen so many bunnies in my life, freebie came along. he hangs out in the BACK yard, sometimes with threebie, sometimes alone. he will eat anything once. and possibly more. freebie is shy, and would not let me take his pic.

someday, you know i'm gonna be sorry for giving the bunnies names. but not today. today it's all good. happy thursday!


Karen said...

How is it possible to NOT fall in love with a three-eared bunny. I'm swooning.

Is there bunny food you could buy? Maybe you could train them to eat just that?????

Lisa said...

When I read your first scentence I envisioned you out in your garden with a gun shooting bunnies!

K~ said...

Very sweet Bob. Can't wait to see them!