Tuesday, February 28, 2012

whole foods rock.

so, we were supposed to be in the midst of a giant blizzard today. instead, i woke up to the tinkling sound of rain puttering on my roof. what a weird, weird winter. sigh. kind of glad i am a shut-in today with lots of projects to work on.

i thought i'd brighten things up by telling you what i ate over the weekend :) ha. it's so strange how the nano-second that i decide to start eating better, i think about food all the time. i am hoping that phenom passes. but for now, it's kind of good to share my new discoveries. please bear with me... :)

here's what i started with:

• rolled oats from the canister (i usually have the old-fashioned ones - not sure it matters for this recipe, since you blend everything together. at any rate, just pick something that has ONE ingredient on the side of the box.

• water

• a banana

• a couple of small other things, but not really anything important...like baking soda or powder?! how can that be?!!!!

it looks kind of thick when you're done. i only made a half-batch, because i was not a believer, yet anyway.

okay, so look at those! if it looks like a waffle, and smells like a waffle, can it truly be a waffle. or is it just oatmeal in disguise? i'm not sure!

you decide for yourself. the finished product was definitely heavier than a normal waffle, and a little lacking in flavor, but for the chance to leave the white flour and sugar in the pantry, i would call this one a 'keeper.'

i always freeze my leftover waffles and toast them for breakfast...did that yesterday, and yum. crispy goodness and a carb treat that is good for you.

i might be getting into this ;)

 ps. remember that one time when i did that one messy job?

okay. here we go again. sometimes, i feel like bill murray :)

happy day, y'all! eat waffles!


carey said...

health kicks left and right. go get some of that PB2 and you are set for all things peanut buttery.

bobbione8y said...

oh! i forgot what it was called!!!!

GOING to get some!

ps. no soda for me in the last week either. craziness!

bobbione8y said...

ps. pretty sure some of that PB2 would help these guys have a little flavor....!!!

pps. i had these oats from when i made suet cakes for the birds. ha. funny how times change ;)