Tuesday, February 21, 2012

whey yummy.

so, tomorrow is the start of Lenten season. at noon, i'll go to a short church service, receive the 'ashes' and remember that i am made from dust, and to dust i will return.

i'll also be starting a decision to glorify God with my body for the time up until easter. what that means to me is to eat healthier, and exercise more. okay, exercising more will just mean doing SOMEthing. anything.

i went and bought some groceries today, and i am sort of ready. i am nervous. i want to try and limit sweets (that's the fasting part) except for those found in fruit/etc. natural stuff. less white bread and simple carbs. more protein.

i don't like protein much.

i do like eggs, and of course peanut butter. but meat? not so much. i have an 8-lb turkey thawing in the fridge, which i will roast and freeze most of. it's hard to imagine eating protein every day though, so i went and got some whey protein powder. i've heard both good and bad things about it, but i probably won't use it every day.

and then i made a smoothie to 'test' it out.

um. yeah. that was delish. it was a little like dairy queen?! how can that be healthy?!!! ha.

i just blended 1% milk, the powder, a few frozen unsweetened cherries and a couple of ice cubes.

my big secret discovery of late is that you don't need to use your blender container to make a smoothie or small drink....most blenders will fit a pint or quart glass jar. therefore, the jar becomes the glass, and there is far less 'blender cleanup' - plus, i did not have to buy a special appliance in order to make a smoothie.

wish me well. and maybe say a prayer or two for me along the way :)


anne said...

Oh Bob! I am so for you and with you in this! YOU CAN DO IT! Nothing will feel better to you when this wheel starts rolling. If you are looking, I will help you with the active/moving more part. :) But then I will make sure you have a terrible, tempting dessert each Wednesday, too. Do these cancel each other out?

cherk said...

Smoothies are the best, great way to get that fruit in. Stick with it you can do it. I LOVE my hand blender, makes a smoothie right in the glass, super easy!

Ellen said...

Almonds: my favorite way to consume protein. I like 'em roasted and lightly salted, but there are some yummy flavored ones too -- wasabi, chili lime, etc.

Just remembered... I pinned a recipe for homemade protein bars. It uses whey protein, and I've been on the fence about buying some. I think I'll do it, since you had good results. Definitely cheaper than buying pre-made protein shakes and bars.

I'm rooting for you! Especially since I'm on a very similar nutrition journey right now. :)

Rani Gordon said...

I am not a fan of protein either. The kids love smoothies, but they are too cold for me, sensitive teeth. So I just mix up the powder in water and gulp it down. I hope I am getting the same benefits. It keeps me full for breakfast, but I still love me some sweets. I am working on that for this 40 days, too. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbie-
You and I are the same page with a healthier living/thankful for good health during Lent.
Have you thought of getting(checking out of the library) a vegan or vegetarian cookbook? I have Vegan with a Vegenance and while I'm in no way adopting this way of eating full time, on Fridays my simple meals aren't going to contain meat.I can't forget my Midwestern heritage though, so no meat doesn't come naturally to me; I need a recipe
I belonged to a JustFaith group and we shared a meal, one of the members was a vegan, so we all were for that meal. You don't have to follow the "vegan diet", but it does give you ideas and the food is pretty good.
Remember, cheese is protein!
Good luck

Karen said...

Great ideas in the comments! I add walnuts to my morning oatmeal (made with vanilla almond milk), both for protein and for Omega 3's..

Keep looking UP, friend! That will undoubtedly help.

bobbione8y said...

oh wow! i had meetings this morning and i came back to THIS! thanks everyone! i do love nuts (and cheese, a little TOO much) and i will check out the cookbook, lis!

i have to say, the 'fullness' from the smoothie lasted several hours, thru my normal late afternoon 'gotta eat anything in sight' stage!

i'm encouraged :) thank you and good luck to all of you as well!