Tuesday, February 07, 2012

the in-between

whew. thanks for praying yesterday. i am feeling much better today, i think!

i find myself in a strange, not-quite-sure mood lately, i think i can attribute it to the february=ness of things. i have so many thoughts going on in my head, but still find myself staring at the computer every morning, wondering where/how to start the day. it's a little overwhelming, to be honest.

i am trying hard not to put too much emphasis on the future dates that i am looking forward to....you know...

when spring comes.
when i lose weight.
when i get that project going.
when we get our church camp designed.
when this happens.
when that happens.

still. the in-between months make it hard not to think of 'when' - i am imagining myself in my new-to-me back yard, which to be honest, is pretty crappy right now. in my head, it looks like these pics of a beautiful low deck/pergola. sigh.

happy tuesday. going to get off the 'when' wagon, and try to live in the 'now' for today :)


carey said...

oh, a pergola and a deck would be perfect back there. you better just keep at the computer for these chilly months...i think summer might require some serious flower shopping.

Karen said...

Oh! For one split second I thought that first pic was actually Fern! In February!

Good grief, my heart is racing.

SO thankful you're feeling better!