Wednesday, February 01, 2012

back in the day

anne and i are doing 'research' for a project (well, okay, mostly SHE is, but i might do a little)... she found this yesterday, looking back at some vintage national park projects.

this is for REAL, peeps! can you imagine the number of art directors who raised their hands and volunteered to do THIS one?! i sure would have! ha! 'sasquatch says' is the best line ever!


carey said...

no, 'celibate sasquatch says' is the best line ever. i can't believe they actually had a campaign for this. what's the harm in a little neckin' in the woods? :)

bobbione8y said...

it makes a lotta sense. if there are a bunch of celibate sasquatches running around, no WONDER there are so few sasquatches total!!

KMOSS said...

You are correct, Bobbi. The celebate sasquatch certainly explains the nearly extinct species. Glad we all finally undertand that.

But, back to the advertisement: an eyebrowing lifting combination of strange and hilarious.

Love the handprint on the back window.

Bobbi said...

yes, and the 'shake' marks all around the vehicle. and the steamed up windows :)) ha.

not that i would know anything about that stuff.

Rea said...

Ah, I need a giggle. This is awesome. (Now trying to figure out how to work 'celibate sasquatch says' into a random conversation.)

Ellen said...

I'm enough of a nerd that I googled "celibate sasquatch" after reading this. I was hoping for a wikipedia article or something to explain the history of the campaign. Or I thought maybe I'd even find some more posters, because those would probably be hilarious.

But... I think I found the original artist instead, and this poster is circa 2009. I thought about not telling you, because I feel like a total party pooper.

This guy ( is the artist. And even though his post makes it sound legit, he entered it in a contest for fake vintage posters (

I'm the official killjoy. Sorry! I just didn't want this to throw off your research.

Still, it's great for a laugh. Thanks for sharing and sending me on a virtual treasure hunt.

cherk said...

Now that is good stuff!

bobbione8y said...

wow ellen - good detective work.

it is a little disappointing to find that this is not authentic, but since we are doing mostly visual research, it still stands as a nice example for us.

celibate sasquatch says "now keep outta my woods!"

he he.