Sunday, February 26, 2012

I think it's time.

as i get more into this idea of changing over to 'healthy' status in life, i have started to think about getting on the bike trail bandwagon again.

i've never been a super awesome bike rider (just ask carey :)) BUT i have ridden consistently on the trails in the past. i really have no excuses anymore, because i live pretty close to access to our little city bike trail. look at how cute it's getting! not quite full circle, but close...i am quite far away from being able to circle the city anyway, so it does not bother me too much that it's not quite complete.

my access point is not the prettiest area of the trail, but unlike before, i probably don't have to carry mace in order to get on the trail. it does snake right behind the zoo, so i could possibly sneak peak an elephant on my rides. that is an incentive for me, actually :)

so, shopping for a new bike is also an incentive, i think! i have to get thru tax season, but here is the little number that i have my eye on!!! i wonder if i could put an antique wicker basket on the front ;)) hello summer, i am really looking forward to seeing you again.


carey said...

excellent!! that looks like a great bike for you, and you are right. you have great access to the trail. do you remember the year we did the okoboji ride? :)

Karen said...

I love that yellow! Such a happy bike! I hope you get 'er.

cherk said...

Very happy, going to hold you to that, expect to see many future post and pics of your rides.