Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the befores

my post yesterday reminded me of how nice it is to look back on my blog to something from the past.

i never ever remember to shoot BEFORE photos when i work on a project. trying to remedy that.

these 'before' shots were done by anne on the day that i first saw fern. the bathroom was my least favorite room, for multiple reasons.

the 'during' photos have been shot by me over the last few days. i've been priming the plastic walls in hope that paint will stick to them (good news. pretty sure it will). so, not a complete 'gut' job, but everything else in the bathroom will be new.

very exciting to be in this stage! i hope things don't take more than a couple of weeks to complete, so i'll keep posting progress along the way :)

in other words, welcome to my 4th grade diary. ha.

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carey said...

can't wait to see!!