Thursday, February 23, 2012

well, this is a little weird.

it's 2pm on a normal thursday, and i just pulled that guy out of the oven. it seemed like a good idea to have a turkey in my back pocket for this whole 'eat healthier thing' that i started yesterday. and this little bird has been taking up valuable freezer real estate for too darn long.

it's hard to believe that only yesterday, it was practically summer. almost 50 degrees, sunny and fabulous outside. definitely not really turkey season.

today, we are back to winter. and the loveliest, softest, fluffiest snowfall coming down in picturesque form all day. i am excited that i don't have to leave the house, and i guess thankful that i will be having a turkey sandwich for dinner, but still.

i would rather be gardening right now ;)

1 comment:

carey said...

so you're the reason we got winter yesterday? you and your turkey dinners. actually, it was nice to see some white stuff so thanks. looks like you'll be eating turkey for awhile...