Thursday, February 02, 2012

if i had a million dollars

i saw this list this morning, and it made me think about how weird it must be to be a totally rich rock star person. let's face it, john lennon's to-do list looks kind of like an 84-year-old retired person's list. i'm somebody who enjoys having something TO DO during the day. not sure waiting for the HBO man would be so fulfilling.

it looks like he had something to do with 'marmalade' on his list, which is possibly why i love him anyway.

that being said, the mind started wandering to what WOULD i do if i had a million dollars like john had?

i'd probably still surf the interwebs.
i'd buy siesta a really expensive cat bed.
i'd keep my job, but possibly skip the meeting i have this afternoon.
i'd keep my house, and probably also get a cabin in the woods.
i'd keep thrifting for .99 items
i'd think about ALL the things that we could do at mercy church that we want to.
i'd dress better and have a decent haircut.
i'd bake cookies for the neighbors for valentines day coming up.

wait. couldn't i do most of those things WITHOUT a million dollars?

sigh. sometimes you just have to admit that you're a procrastinator, and ask God to get you off your holding pattern. whatever you want to do in this life, DO IT.

:) happy day.


Karen said...

1. I feel as if you wrote this post for me!

2. Betcha a million that Siesta would forsake the spendy bed for, a) your couch with an afghan thrown on it, b) your keyboard in a sunbeam.

3. I'm GOING! (Thanks)

carey said...


what Karen said.

carey said...

i read this list, and i think it was a list that john lennon was making for someone else to do...someone that was staying at his house maybe? there are too many details for it to be to himself.

i should be a detective.

bobbione8y said...

why yes! carey, ihope that you are right!

i want to think john lennon had way more important things to do than ask steve d. about herbs for the cat!

ha ha.

he did have time to make this list, however.

carey said...

list making is an art. i like his use of parenthesis, underlines and random reasons for WHY the person had to do whatever.

i would like to know why he needed herbs for a cat. and what about that marmalade?

cherk said...

I don't thinkI could ever get a pet to lay on that!