Monday, February 06, 2012

super sized

so, how many back forty readers watched the super bowl? i will shamelessly admit i did and it was my first/last football game of the season to watch. why, WHY do you suppose it has become such a must-see in our culture?

i do like football. it's just quite a time commitment to watch a whole season of nfl, if you are actually going to care about it. and i've long since passed the season of life where i care that much. i do enjoy tuning in to the super bowl anyway, mostly for the who-ha and increasingly for the oddity of it all.

a couple of sdsu acquaintances where there this year photographing the event, so that was a fun perspective on facebook this time around. a former intern in the dept. i worked at on campus shot the money shot this year (above) ...! kind of cool.

i suppose madonna is another talking point. never have i been a madonna 'fan' but i am not a hater, i guess. i did think she looked a bit ridiculous teetering around in her big pointy boots, and not entirely confident, either. not many people are mentioning the fairly obvious missteps in her dance moves. i think she sounds really good, still, though. i just think at 53, you might want to put away the ridiculous costumes and goofiness. dunno. apparently, it's still compelling to her to be the star of the show. at any rate, the super bowl has become the place where dying rock stars go to make themselves look silly. she probably did better than most.

i didn't see all of the commercials, because i was roaming around alot and not watching the whole thing. but i did LOVE the dog who exercised and lost weight for VW. thought it was a perfect analogy for the new bug, which IS pretty cute. i sort of want one. i guess that IS the point of the ads, right?

sigh. now, monday. i'm on my 3rd day of the stomach flu in da house, so would appreciate prayers if you read this. back tomorrow, hopefully feeling better!


Rea said...

Sorry you are sick, Anne mentioned that neither one of you felt good yesterday. :(

I read a book while Mike watched the game and only looked up for the commercials. That was pretty much the extent of it. Well, that and that I fed my family nothing but processed food and let them eat downstairs in front of the tv.

Karen said...

Prayed, check! I watched replays and a few commercials..spent the rest of the game cooking in the kitchen with my friend Tam.

If I had a million dollars, I would buy you that new bug. :-)

Also, your assessment of Madonna was spot on. I quoted part of it on FB (anonymously). Don't sue me!

Karen said...

I'm praying for a better day for you!!