Sunday, February 19, 2012


so, today i pinned my 499th pin to Pinterest.

now, i'm kind of afraid to pin, because i want to make sure that #500 is 'special'!

it's hard to believe i have not quite been pinning a year. today i had lunch with a friend who is going to a 'pin party' this week to gather ideas for her students (she's a teacher). it's crazy how popular it's become!! in the beginning, it was just us art people googling and pinning all the pretty out there :)

i kind of wish pinterest and facebook would get together, because facebook bores me to TEARS mostly. how many mundane thoughts do i have to endure from myself and others before i just QUIT already?!

sigh. i won't quit. that's because social media is like crack.

and pinning #500 is like super duper duper better-than-crack crack.

ps. upon posting this, i feel the need to express that i am in no way advocating that crack is good. not that i would even remotely know.


Karen said...

It's been around for a year??? I've been pinning for like...a month. I can tell already that my pinning will be regulated by my hormones. I've looked at 4,000 Nutella recipes today.

Speaking of social media crack...I'm following you on Twitter. Not that I even remotely know what that means.

bobbione8y said...

shoot. accidentally pinned #500 without thinking about it :) crack, i tell ya.

i am not a tweeter, really...what i like twitter for is stuff like the grammys or real housewives, where you can feel like you are seated with every snarky person in the universe during the show.

hey. just realized i have not watched real housewives of anywhere for a loooong long time. yay! habit broken!

cherk said...

I am in the dark, better look up this pininterest thing.
Bobbi-Just so you know I try to post on your blog and sometimes I get a message that says needing owner approval, so I know some of my comments don't come through. I am out here, I am reading!

bobbione8y said...

hi cher - i'll send you an invite to pinterest on facebook :)

it's kind of addicting, but it is fun to search thru all the pretty stuff that is up there...

i wonder why you cannot comment sometimes! i miss you...but i always read up over at your blog too :)