Tuesday, January 31, 2012

random day

sigh. i am glad it's tuesday. no 'meetings' today, thankfully. just a project to finish up, and a beautiful, sunny day to rejoice in. i got up and read my devo for the day and it opened with 'i am your strength and your shield. i plan out each day and have it ready for you, long before you arise from bed.'

i cannot tell you how MUCH i'm enjoying 'jesus calling' by sarah young...(ps. that is the kid version pictured, because i like the cover). i think you all need to go get it. it's great to wake up and read something that feels very much like God speaking directly to you. i'm always amazed at how much devos like these hit 'right' exactly at the circumstances that you are going thru. God is super cool that way.

last night, we also had our 2nd meeting for the bible group i am hosting at fern. LOVE it so far. the conversation last night centered around whether christianity was in fact 'absurd' or strange or difficult...and why? our group is all over the board with differences in age, experience, and denomination, so it was neat to hear and learn a little. i remember how when i was younger, i was only comfortable with those 'like me' in social situations. i cannot imagine how far God plans to stretch that little crutch, because increasingly i seem to find that He works well in places where we are all NOT alike. pretty sure heaven will be culturally diverse :)

anyway, i was reminded as i was setting up last night, of how i have only lived in fern for a few months. and somehow, she feels like i have always been here! it's crazy how that goes. i am pretty sure that i will not 'attach' to this house like i did with mabel, simply because as much as i love home, it is not really my home. i think we're meant to hold loosely to earthly things....and leaving mabel taught me that it is not so hard to do that.

still. having a home i love feels good. today, i'm thanking God for all his blessings. people and places and a lifespan to learn and grow and be hopeful for. i hope where ever you are today, you remember that it is part of the journey, but not the whole story :)

happy day!


carey said...

i am loving your deep perspectives these days. and your decorating :) can't wait to see where you go with both of those gifts, my friend.

Karen said...

I'm in a stretching season over here. For sure. Even still, I like your words, "i'm thanking God for all his blessings. people and places and a lifespan to learn and grow and be hopeful for."