Monday, January 09, 2012


so, with the new year and all, been thinkin' about getting healthy again.

it probably doesn't hurt that i got my first cold of the season also, so i'm reminded of what a precious gift being healthy IS.

i was actually LOSING weight last fall, on a horrendous diet of fast food and stress - remember?

sadly, or perhaps goodly, i have gained all of that weight back. i think perhaps the stress diet is not the way i want to live. however, i do tend to eat when i'm happy, not when i'm sad. thus the joyous progression back to obesity these past 10 years! he he.

okay. so i have been thinking about real food. that maybe since i LIKE real food, i should eat it. yesterday i made my sick self some beef and barley soup, and a batch of this loverly granola in the picture.

of course, i have not had much of an appetite, because the diet of zinc pills (helps the cold tremendously!) makes me nauseous. but man, when i get back my mojo, i'm all set to go healthy :)

happy (mon)day!


Karen said...

Oh I love your granola. LOVE!

cherk said...

Homemade granola does rock.