Thursday, January 12, 2012

happy dance

oh. hi folks. i'm doing a little dance right now because my computer is back in my possession after almost 2 days! whew. she's like heroin, i missed her that much. it's sad to think i am so tied to a piece of electronic equipment, but oh well. that is a mountain to be climbed another day.

for now, whew. all is well.

in the meantime, while she was gone, i talked on the phone alot. oh. and i recovered a lampshade. that was kind of a good thing. here's what it used to look like (above).

and here is what it looks like now. i still need to get some ribbon and 'trim' the inside of the shade so those raggedy edges don't show when the light is on. but wow. much better.

siesta likes it, too. (actually, she likes being in every single photo i take, i swear).

um, also, i spent some time playing with this new thing. hmmmm. lots of fun. i am all set to go with an inaugural first 'all digital' bible study next week. we'll see how that feels. right now, i'm thinking it might be kind of awesome.



Rani Gordon said...

We have two now :) It's really hard to share.
I love the lamp shade and your cool lime green cover:)

Happy Day!

Rani Gordon said...

p.s. really love your scarf organizer display, too :)

bobbione8y said...

ha! you instigator, you, mz. gordon :)

i am excited. like it so far. and yes, matching cover (matches everything i own, i guess).

bobbione8y said...

ps! i need summer and a trip to the montrose gardens :)

see. you're a destination.

Rea said...

ooh, pretty lamp shade!

K~ said...

LIKE the room!!!K~

Karen said...

You're a wonder to me, Bobbi! That lampshade is amazing!