Friday, January 06, 2012


i suppose there are lots of reasons that this has been a joyful week. visits with friends, new projects, and 60 degree days. in january, people. life is good.

however, i have to give SOME credit to the fact that my brain has switched over to clockwork every year, in january it comes. i start to imagine gardens and trees and lush green everywhere. i was made for green :)

it helps that the seed catalogues start rolling in.

and that the houseplants are kind of waking up.

and that i got a wonderful gift from kirsten in the mail (market bag!!!) that is made up of lovely yarns and

sigh. and now today, it's friday also. hope that you are having a green day wherever you may be!


Karen said...

My day is CRAZY. I need to take better control of my time and quit letting people run me over. Haarg.

Will you stop and pray for me, please? I'm getting ready to send interview pitch to Focus...

bobbione8y said...

Lord, I pray for Karen right now, in Jesus' name, that you would give a peace and calm, and the discernment to choose her steps according to YOUR priorities.

I ask for favor, Lord, in this pitch she is about to send. Lord, we know the plans you have for her are BEYOND good, they encompass her heart and her passion and her desires. Lord, we ask you to unlock doors that only you can open!!

We love you and thank you, Lord, for all that you do for us!

amen :)

Karen said...

Thank you. I needed the first part even more than the second. :-)

Can't wait to tell you good news!