Saturday, January 07, 2012

new movie.

okay, before i forget, gotta talk about new year's eve. my OWN consisted of the living room couch, a cat, and falling asleep at about 11:31.

the MOVIE consisted of lots of cute stories. i really kind of like these movies with huge casts and multiple story lines, most of the time. this one did not disappoint, and i have to say, it's the first time i've EVER liked ashton kutcher. for the record, he didn't talk much, so that probably explains it.

anyway, it made my HEART happy. yeah, it's fantasy and all that, and those relationships would probably never last. all i can say to that is 'who cares?' :)) ha. i laughed a ton, and enjoyed almost all of the characters.

of course, my favorite plot line involved the slightly crazy middle-aged lady and the cute young boy/man who intersects with her and gives her a couple of good memories. hard to believe that michelle pfeiffer has become matronly, isn't it? but she plays a pretty good nutty recluse, i thought.

as for the boy. he was a.dor.a.ble.

i guess he's a disney kid or something...which i had no idea i would have an attraction to...he he. zac efron. look at that face. ummmmm. yes. good.

his next movie was previewed, he plays a war veteran who goes home and shakes up a random woman's world...i can see where his career is going. must be because he makes middle-aged nutty women like me and michelle so HAPPY... :)

sigh. go see it.


K~ said...

My New years consisted of something I'm sure. I don't remember much of it. I was up until midnight. I wanted to see 2011 forcefully escorted off the Walsh premises!K~

Karen said...

I love that you don't know who Zac Efron is. :-)

Is this in the theaters still? I'm much happier viewing movies from the comfort of my couch..

Rea said...

Looks like a cute movie. Your thoughts on Ashton K. make me giggle. I must admit I really don't pay much attention to him so have no opinion one way or another.

I also have no idea who Zac Efron is.

And yeah, Michelle Pfeiffer, matronly? When did THAT happen?

carey said...

obviously you have not watched enough high school musical, my friend. you probably should, i think you would like it. there is a high school musical I and a high school musical II and zac efron is adorable in both of them.

and you'll probably find the rental in the $1.00 bin :)

bobbione8y said...

ha. i almost think it's more normal that rea and i DON'T know zac efron.

i was telling my mom about the movie this weekend, and mentioned him...she said

"oh, i know him. he's been on letterman. i don't care how old you are, CUTE is cute."