Friday, January 27, 2012

these days.

schwew. friday again. as the last couple weeks have been 'full up' - i realize i can only really handle a 4-day work week anymore. by friday, i can only handle mundane tasks. nothing to really apply much brain power to. my supply of brain cells is limited, i fear.

ha. but oh, these days. these january 2012 days have been good to me. nothing externally has changed much, there is still snow/no snow, work/no work, good moods/bad moods to deal with. the changes seem to be internal...coming from somewhere deep within. it's incredibly exhilarating to learn to rely on the holy spirit inside you as you go. i am sure that is the answer to the newness i feel.

for about a week now, somewhere in my life i have come across the concept of 'paths' - crooked vs. straight. for as long as i have lived, i have simply assumed and walked along the crooked path of my own understanding and view of the world. sometimes, it's been good, and i have been able to cope. sometimes, it's been awful and gut-wrenching and out of control. i don't think there has ever been a point where i have even realistically BELIEVED that my life was capable of being a straight path.

but then, Jesus steps in. He always steps in. He is changing my mind, peeps, after 10 years of wonky following. my paths were meant to be straight, no matter what is going on circumstantially. and so were yours. it's a realistic notion, one not based on what you do or what happens. it's achieved by standing on the ROCK of your salvation, and on the rock of mine. i so love that. i want to see across the horizon and my STRAIGHT path of assurance to what i know my purpose is, and to the one whom i know loves me the most.

okay. that was kind of deep. :) when i started this post, i just wanted to take some pretty pictures of my day. hmmmm. i guess He had other ideas. i wish you straight paths today...happy friday!

I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.
Proverbs 4:11

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