Monday, January 16, 2012

how was your weekend?

i need to get focused today. it's going to be a busy week. first, let me shake loose some stuff rattling around in my brain.

i made the most yummy homemade yogurt concoction i've ever tasted this weekend. i have talked about making yogurt before (wow! over 5 years ago!)...but today i'll share the recipe for the fruitiness that accompanies it and takes it over the top.

blueberry sauce:

1 pint fresh blueberries, slightly crushed
1/3 cup sugar
approx. 1 T. orange rind, zested
1 T. orange juice concentrate, or the juice of your zested orange

bring to boil in a saucepan, lower heat and continue to cook/stir for about a minute. remove from heat and add 1 t. vanilla.

refrigerate/cool. then, top your homemade yogurt with about 2 T. of this for beautiful/yummy results like those shown above. oh. add some homemade granola too, because you are a rock star in the kitchen!

ps. i forgot to take photos until i was halfway done with this serving. still, so pretty!

in other, much sadder, news - i had a stomach ache all day on friday as i had to endure the sight of a beautiful, majestic tree leaving my neighborhood. i wish i had a photo of the tree in its entirety, but you can sort of see it (the anchor tree on the corner across my street) in the bottom photo. the trees are the reason i moved to this wonky little vinyl house, so it seriously hurt my heart to watch it go. i pannicked for a bit about 'what if they ALL get cut down?' before i prayed and released it. still. it was hard. that tree was amazing, seriously about 3' in diameter.

i wonder why it had to go, was it super sick for some reason?

it did not look sick on the outside. i guess that it reminded me of our spiritual condition vs. outward appearances. it also reminded me of the temporal condition of this world. that tree was old, foundational on this street, seemingly solid. and yet this morning as i look out my picture window, it has ceased to exist. nada. nothing there. as if it never WAS. something to think about as we arrange our day/week. are we building/growing into the Kingdom that never dies, or the one that will one day just cease to exist.

sigh. i hope that i know the correct answer to that by now.

happy monday :)


Karen said...

Your brain is working much harder than mine today. I had a rough night's sleep, and then got up and spent three lovely hours at my neighbors' house, drinking freshly-make mocha lattes and eating freshly-made scones. I can hardly see straight, what with the exhaustion and the post-carb coma...

I'm very sorry for your tree. I feel that same heart/gut ache when I see one go...

On a spiritual note: started the new Beth Moore last week...WOW.

bobbione8y said...

oh - yay! i heart beth.

hey. i need to talk to you. later in the week (maybe friday). i have an idea. you are part of it :)

can you email me your phone # and possible time(s) that work?

Karen said...

Oh! How cool!! Emailing!