Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dud on the Suds

okay. so the soapmaking class was a little disappointing. it was basically a 'melt and pour' class, where we all made little glycerin bars instead of real, cold-pressed soap.

i should have known that it would not be the other kind. however, i'm learning to just enjoy processes that don't work out the way i think they should. our little instructor was adorable. it was fun to spend time with anne when we are NOT working. i got to meet a cute couple who is interested in all the crazy earth-momma things that i am interested in.

and, i learned a little more about soap-making. hopefully enough to get the courage to set up and make some in my garage this summer. that's how our instructor did it, she just tried it and learned as she went.

she also got lye on her tongue once. yikes. she said to always keep a bottle of apple cider vinegar handy, for when such things occur. because she is not dead, i believe her ;)


Rea said...

'because she is not dead, I believe her.'

Best line ever. :)

Karen said...

Oh, shoot. I was hoping to receive a sudsy package.

cherk said...

Surviving Lye, I will need to write that one down.