Monday, January 02, 2012

new year, new rez

sigh. we made it, fellow bloggers. another year, another promise of what is to come. i've read the myriad of resolutions out there on the internet. many, many people seem to have been unhappy in 2011. lots are still hopeful for 2012. i think that alone is proof that hope is BUILT in our hearts...

anyway. i am not much of a resolution-maker, even though i love the concept. i am excited every year at this time. it's fun to start anew with a chance to be BETTER.

this year, i didn't even consciously think about making a resolution, but over the weekend, God gave me the answer, it's in His word...

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else,
and live righteously,
and He will give you everything you need.
Matthew 6:33

when i read that verse on friday nite, it hit me really hard, like something i had never HEARD before. i kind of know by now, that when God spreaks, he will take something you may have heard a million times, and make it sound brand new.

i really believe for me, that verse holds the key. for the last few years i have been SO consumed, with the 2nd part of that verse. where will i live? what kind of job will fulfill me and provide for me? how will i make it? is it too late?

sigh. lot's of unanswered questions. and yet, here i am, provided for, taken care of, and yes, even content. as for 2012, i know NOTHING about what the year holds. all of the questions are still there.

which leaves me with part ONE of the verse. the answer, the true answer. i resolve that when life is uncertain (which is, um, always), the ANSWER lies in seeking God, not for the things, but that HE truly is the answer. i love that He loves me, and knows my heart, and has really, truly been my provider for my whole life, even as i have sought to find a mate to be that security, or to be self-sufficient and provide for myself. HE is the one, and HE has a kingdom with goals and work to be done, and i want to be a part of the bigger picture, the plan, the real life that we all strive for.

it's not too late. it's only just beginning :)

happy new year, everyone!


Rea said...

Like. Very much like. :)

carey said...

the best "new years resolution" post I've read yet. Matthew 6:33 on your bathroom mirror, my friend. :)