Wednesday, January 18, 2012


i want that chair. i mean really. how nice would it be to saddle up in that and go to work today? because it's cold outside. i hope that my weather app had a typo when it predicted -10 degrees tonite. fern needs her some new windows, forget all the beautifying i've been saving for. and a fireplace. stat.

i'm becoming quite a winter wimp. won't be long before i'll be checking out snowbird options....:)

okay. this is not what i wanted to talk about today.

i wanted to talk about these. these are the bible study books i downloaded for my kindle over the weekend.

i already HAVE the one-year bible, but it's kind of nice to have it digitally. one advantage to the kindle that i'm finding is that it's easier to read than some books. esp. since i read either early in the morning or later at night (i.e. in the dark). kindles are good for bifocal eyes.

the 'jesus calling' devotional is one that a friend recommended. so far, i love it. i love when authors write from the perspective of Jesus, talking. or, calling, in this case ;) ha. God has shown himself to me in these types of devos over the years. very excited to dig into something new.

then, i also downloaded a free version of the complete bible as an app. this would theoretically allow me to take the kindle to church, instead of my printed amplified version (which is a bit much for me as a version). not sure i will do this yet, but in case i want to, or if i just want to look up a passage from book studies, etc, i can easily do it. i downloaded this version because 1) i like the ESV version and 2) it's easy to use/find passages.

so there you go! hope you are staying warm and cozy today!

i'm going to go have a cutie now. because i am addicted to their ads on tv :))


Anonymous said...

Lisa in Seattle-where it's snowing! and I have a snow day. Baking some cookies, reading, relaxing with my "puppy" he's 90 lbs and 10-I'm a little home sick-although with the amounts and the temperature, there's no way this would be a midwest snow day

Karen said...

I want that chair! Or honestly, any comfy work chair. I'm sitting at the dining room table with a pillow from the couch under my bum...

I read or heard recently about how healthy citrus fruit is for your heart.

I found and am reading Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth. I found it on the bookshelf downstairs and it seemed to be calling my name. Happy reading!

carey said...

dig the chair, want the chair. want to WEAR the chari. bible books on Kindle, yay! AND, we bought cuties for the first time because of the commercials, too.

funny when marketing works. i don't even mind feeling manipulated.

bobbione8y said...


i think i would be homesick for alot of things if i were you, but trust me, -10 below is not one of them :) hope you and your 'puppy' enjoyed a snow day, tho - does he even know what to do with snow?

karen...hmmm. a book on discipline might be something i could use as well :)

carey. cuties are actually yummy, too, aren't they?