Wednesday, June 01, 2011


it's been about 14 months since i saw him. and to be honest, i really sincerely did not think it could actually be him.

but remember the little snake that was in my basement last spring, the one that single-handedly scared the 'crap' out of my plumber?

i think i saw him last week. in fact, i've seen him every single day THIS week. i layed some cocoa chip mulch down over the weekend in his fave spot, and WOW. i have a huge snake family that loves cocoa chips. apparently we all love chocolate over here on the back forty. the whole family also loves winding themselves into my bushes and hanging from the branches in the sun. talk about a surprise when you're trimming the hedge! (that is what he's doing in the pic above, he is a foot or so off the ground, just a hangin').

anyway, i recognize him by the fact that the end of his tail was chopped off, probably from the trauma of being in the basement (or maybe from the crazed plumber). this guy is seriously a BIG snake, probably a couple feet long, and over an inch in diameter.

he also has a well-healed walloped off tail :))

hi buddy! i missed you!
but seriously, you need to stay over THERE.



Karen said...

I cannot tell you the amount of respect I have for a woman who can just let a snake BE.

Good work, Bob. :-)

bobbione8y said...

oh gosh. you have not seen me jumping around and screaming and hoping they do not get too close.

they frighten me, but they are gentle and do not hurt anything.

they are SLIGHTLY cute.


anne said...

Respect?! More like pity.

I would be more of the type to get the shovel out and try to whack the thing to death, miss and just decide 'inside is better for me, this summer!', or 'it IS kind of a hasmat-type summer, isn't it!'.

I love the plants and trees part of nature.

bobbione8y said...

anne. i'll take you around the house the 'other' way when you come over next :)

Karen said...

You are so funny! I'm even more proud of you now. :-)

cherk said...

Would you like the 5 in my garage that grubby children have been scavenging for. Cocoa mulch sounds glorious