Monday, June 13, 2011


monday? really? it feels like friday to me. this cannot be good news.

after two weeks of non-stop activity, this hermit is craving her homeland :)


i have a few meetings this week, but hopefully none will take me out of the back forty for too long. i miss my yard. and my cat. and my weeds that need pulling :) it's also probably a good thing that my 'boss' is back at work this week, so that i get a few work things done! (hi carey).

i did thrift for a sec on saturday morning. found a FAB weird lamp! if you know anything about lighting, you know drum shades are the only 'in' style right now. check this out! the proportions are kind of insane. i look at this lamp every day from my comfy couch spot, so my eyes are happy.

siesta also got a new pillow for her bed. she is test-driving the whole deal right now.

i hope to get some photos of VBS this week to post. my 'once a year' experience with vbs tells me that you should hug your daycare provider today. ha. i salute all of you moms, i seriously cannot imagine the level of tired i would be if i had children. i'm tired just thinking about it :)

anyway, another rainy, 'stay in' kind of day. i expect summer will be along any time now! happy week!


Rani said...

seriously? we have to go thrifting together... you find the coolest stuff. really we outta have an annual thrift day... you, me, kris, and coffee :) Have a blessed Monday - we are enjoying the rain break here, too !

Karen said...

I'm Friday tired myself, Bob. I spent yesterday in my jammies and feel only marginally better today. Thank God nobody graduates for another three years.

Hope your week takes it easy on you. Hope your boss does the same. :-)

bobbione8y said...

i sat yesterday with some friends at church who had THREE kids who all graduated from various institutions this spring.


you deserve a present for getting thru #1, that is always the hardest :)

bobbione8y said...

rani - annual thrift day - yes !!

Karen said...

I do deserve a present!!

cherk said...

I LOVE that lamp, and it goes perfect where you have it! Your pics of your "stuff" makes me always feel happy